Steering committee meeting in Idrija

Start of the COSME project with the 1st steering committee meeting in Idrija. Development of a SMEs network in EDEN regions in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria and increase awarness of sustainable tourism. Presentation of draft Internal rules in five workpackages (WP) with annexes and approval by project partners.
WP1 Presentation of Guidelines to financial reporting and Finaces monitoring template. WP2 / WP3 Presentation of planned activities in next months with the target groups seniors, their organiszations and other NGOs, local communities, local tourism organizations, EDEN-Destination Stakeholders as tourism providers and other with tourism related SME´s. WP4 Presentation of content proposal for project website and plan for other communication and dissemination activities. WP5 Presentation of Monitoring quality and evaluation plan. After this first work on the round table followed an afternoon-visit with good practices and degustation of traditional culinary in Idrija.
Underground tour – tourist mine Anthony´s Shaft. We visited the second largest mercury mine in the world surely is a unique and pleasant experience. Anthony´s Shaft was first opened in the year 1500 and is known to be one of the oldest still preserved entrances into mines in Europe. It is also the oldest part of the mine in Idrija. Anthony´s Shaft presents the hard daily work rountine of miners, the precious cinnabar ore, drops of mercury and the unique and extraordinary underground chapel.
The short guided tour trough the center of Idrija toke us through the centre of town and presented the history of the oldest Slovenian mining town under UNESCO protection and its development. Idrija also is known for the lace festival every year in june and we degusted a newly developed cake with elements of idrija lace “The Rezi Cake”. Where intertwine the Idrija lace with mercury guests see the thread of history woven Features. More about Idrija:
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Gabriele Grandl
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