Enjoy holidays like the garden of eden

is the headline of a newspaper article, which we have received as part of the project idea. The press release was also a call to small and medium enterprises in Feldbach in the Styrian volcano land, to participate in the common package development for people over 55.
Twentyfour entrepreneurs followed the invitation. Owners from accomodations, restaurants, guides, cultural attractions, culinary tastings, souvenir-shop, gardens. Mrs. Adler-Neubauer presented the project, the cooperation of the target groups in the project and that it gives a change to look to other regions, exchange ideas and learn from the partners. Mrs. Neuhold presented the actual analysis by Tourism Feldbach and the participants were amazed at the range of offerings is given.
A workshop followed on the questions: What do you expect from the project? What can you bring as operating for the target group? In addition, we did interviews by the representatives of senior citizens’ organizations with interesting suggestions. The result is a clear desire for a networked offer and its marketing. That is how we will do it.
To the press articles


actual analysis tourism Feldbach Tourismus Neue Stadt_Workshop02062016

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