ProVital – between the questionnaires

It is my first time participating in such a huge international project. My experience is with smaller, local projects; therefore, this was quite a challenge for me. As a very organized and precise person, I feel that most of my work must be done before the deadline and has to precisely follow instructions given. My responsibility in the project we are currently working on is to design the questionnaires for the survey and subsequently analyze the answers.

This particular task requires a lot of communication with partners involved in the project. They first need to understand the questionnaires and their purpose to be able to explain it further to the respondents. All questionnaires and other documentation then need to be returned to me until a certain deadline. As it is currently summer time, the majority of partners seem to miss given deadlines, which means a delay in my part of the work. This is why it is essential for me to constantly send reminders for them to return the documents and data required. It is understandable that during said time of the year most people are on holiday, but what must be done, must be done nevertheless.

This situation tends to make me rather nervous at times, but I am sure that in the end everything will be done to our final deadline in October and all parties will be contented with the result.