Tourguide report Solcavsko

According to the project EDEN55plusNW Agencija M was responsible for preparing tourism related SME’s study tour in Solčavsko on 5th and 6th of September 2016.
We were responsible for accommodation, meals, entrance fees for the museums and events and guiding on the spot. In our organization was also bus transport and escort guiding on the tour.
We chose the bus and tourist company Pohorje tours from Slovenska Bistrica for the transport and tour escort guiding for the services in Solčavsko. The tour was guided in three languages (Slovene, Croatian and German).
In our opinion Solčava program was very well prepared, perhaps a little bit too stuffed. But this is understandable, because our hosts want to present themselves with everything they have to offer.
Suitability of the program:
Solčavsko – Harmony of three valleys: short film and permanent exhibition “Solčavsko – a walk into the lap of Alps” was very appropriate, short enough and educational.
Experience guided walk through the Landscape park Logarska dolina – for 55+ and 55+ couples we have to consider the difficulty of the walking tour.
Solčava Panoramic Road – organized bus access to the road is great, because it allows older people to enjoy beautiful views, which they could not experience by themselves.
Felt making– workshop with wool of local Jezersko- Solčava sheep breed and culinary worshop for making local specialities – very interesting and appropriate for women 55+. For couples we should consider another workshop, more appropriate for men.
Storytelling guided walk, ethno animation and ethno dinner interactive performance were the best choice for our goal groups. Although people don’t understand the language, they can understand the meaning of the show. To make easier the understanding, we suggest to prepare brochure with written summary of the happening.
Culinary was excellent, but we should consider smaller portions with optional supplement.

Agencija M, Maribor 8.9.2016





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