2nd Steering Committee Meeting in Krasno, Croatia

After intensive project months (implementation of the questionnaires with SMEs, seniors and TIC/ITA, organization of the Tourism related Study Tour in Solcavsko, many internal project meetings etc) all partners met on the 12th and 13th September2016 at “Northern Velebit National Park” Public Institution Headquarters in Krasno, Croatia. Groupfoto in front of “Northern Velebit National Park” Public Institution Headquarters

Steering Committee Meetings are good places to talk and discuss activities done in the past and to look in the future how to manage further project steps to reach the milestones and deliverables. And of course, with cross-border meetings we foster transnational cooperation, exchange best practice experience and knowledge transfer among pilot EDEN destinations.
The focus on our work is to create new cross-border EDEN destination tourism products with in-depth experiences. So it was helpful to get to know Krasno and Northern Velebit National Park as a good example of practice as EDEN destination.Welcome screen at presentation morning

After whole-day presentations, program consisted of visiting good practices with degustation of traditional culinary: visit of Our Lady of Krasno Sanctuary – one of the best known Marian Sanctuaries in Croatia; visit of Forestry Museum – dedicated to the first Croatian Forest Office – Forestry Office Krasno – the cradle of sustainable forestry in Croatia and presentation of local products.

Tasting of local products in Krasno
A project partner summarized as follows: “I was interested in all topics that were presented today – we received a lot of useful information about further project activities and their implementation”.
Big Thank you to everyone, especially to NVNP who organized the 2 days!

Steering Committee


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