Working meeting in Maribor – Work package 4: Dissemination & Promotion

On Monday october 3rd, a working meeting of the relevant working group (Leader Vulkanland with the support of Spirit of regions, city of Feldbach, ProVital, Heart of Slovenia as project coordinators) and the film producers Kreacija  took place in Maribor . The aim of the meeting was to create a concept for 4 videos that are produced on the project. The various contents are:

1. Presentation of the development process with the involvement of local SMEs and the target group 55+. This video is intended to provide an overview of the project and is directed to SME’s and the destinations
2. Results and analysis of the target group “women 55+” and their wishes and expectations.
3. Results and analysis of the target group “55+ couple” and their wishes and expectations. The videos 2 + 3 are intended as training videos for SME’s wishing to adapt their establishments to the needs of the target group.
4. A promotional video of the developed end product. This video should be tailored to the needs of the target groups and animate to make a holiday in the EDEN destinations.
Philip of the video agency Kreacija showed us sample videos, as he has implemented similar tasks in a previous project.

Wider Project
Heart of Slovenia – Where ideas become reality

Especially important is the EDEN vision and to keep the thread of continuity to motto of the project “Slow down to feel the life in EDEN destinations”.

We shared our ideas and wishes and look forward to the concept of Philip.