Study trip to Vulkanland / Styria – Day 2

After a restful sleep and a volcanic breakfast in the two hotels Pfeilers and Hödl-Kaplan, the second day started with a guided tour and tasting at the chocolate manufacture Zotter. Through glass corridors the group could visually accompany the chocolate bean from the roasting to the finished chocolate in this transparent factory. In between, there was time to taste lots of chocolate.


During the visit to the small organic farm Raabauer Eisvogel of Wilma and Karl Kaufmann, where redcurrant, elderberry, aronia and pumpkin as well as roses are cultivated, the group had an insight into the processing steps in a small organic farm in the Vulkanland.


Revitalised by the pumpkin soup, we went to the organic flower farm “vom Hügel” where the participants made an autumn / winter arrangement from regional, seasonal elements of nature (branches, flowers and leaves as well as fruits) – slow flowers.


At the end of the study trip, a visit to the Heurigenschenke “Sterngucker” with Styrian Brettljause and Junkertasting took place, as is tradition in Styria on the Wednesday before Martini (11.11.). With a glass of young wine of the current year (Junker) the impressions of the study trip were discussed, experiences from the respective regions exchanged and questionnaires filled out.


The results of the study tour will be used to provide custom-made holiday packages for the target group ladies 55+ as well as couples 55+ in the secondary season and will be presented in a separate article after the evaluation.


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