tourguide’s point of view

EDEN55plusNW According to the project SPIRIT OF REGIONS was responsible for preparing tourism related SME´s sudy tour in Vulkanland on 8th and 9th of November 2016.
In close consultation with our contractor, the Styrian Vulkanland, we were responsible for the entire program creation and implementation (room reservation, program times with timetable, entrance fees, food). In line with the season and the target group, the regional characteristics of the EDEN region were presented to the entrepreneurs. The tour was accompanied by us in German. The projectpartner agency Agencija M, based in Maribor, has accompanied the group from Maribor to Vulkanland and retour and took over the translation for Slovenian, Croatian and German. The experiences with agency Agencija M were very good and are also carried out outside the project.
For some operators, the trip was tiring because of the long journey. The final feedback and the exchange of experiences among the hosts as hosts and visitors were very interesting.
The brochures and the websites of the region and the companies are mostly only available in German. For the step of internationalization, this area needs to be supplemented in English.
We found it very wise that a photographer accompanied the tour. Good pictures are an important part for a new seasonal language. Make a photographing place for the destinations.
There is a lot of talk about culinary delights in Vulkanland. A very sensual language is used for the finishing of these products, but the food was very fleshy.
Due to the bad weather, movement in nature was badly possible, for the offer with couples and with women groups it must necessarily be considered.
Because of the large single room requirement was in the city center of Feldbach. In the case of small groups, care should be taken to keep them as close to nature as possible.
All excursion destinations were easily accessible by bus and are prepared on bus groups. For the individual arrival of guests, it is important that the region and the companies describe the available public transport and taxis.
The introductory lecture by the chairman of the Vulkanland region, Mr. Ober, has particularly enjoyed the guests’ learning experience. He reported on the strategic work in regional development over the past 15 years, gave an outlook on the future and underlined the importance of the cooperation of the EDEN regions in this spatial proximity, as can be learned in the project.