Project presentation at the Regional Office of the Chamber of Commerce

The project EDEN55plus-NW creates a tourist network in the Styrian Vulkanland region. The proximity to Slovenia and Croatia is a great advantage, the tourist companies can use the export opportunities.
Through a transnational offer and through the application in the cooperating nations. The project facilitates networking, as the two student tours have already shown. In three workshops the companies will elaborate a strategic plan, which can be made in the future. A big first step is that by summer 2017, the participating regions will have available online and / or part-printed brochures with contact exchanges and a brief description of the companies. A second step is the transnational cooperation between agencies. The result is an exchange of knowledge between well-informed local persons, the accompaniment will be accompanied in the language of the guests, which gives the target group 55+ security. But all steps begin very small. All documents in the network of the national partners in English and the mother tongue, such as the information newsletter, are used to raise the awareness of the bilingual offer. Particularly for small businesses, this is a support and a possibility to be part of the network.



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Wir organisieren für Familien, Kleinunternehmen und Gemeinden Tagesprogramme und begleiten Wandlungsprozesse. Wir unterstützen die Wertschätzung und Nutzung der eigenen Talente und Fähigkeiten.

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