Project Partners met in Maribor – 22nd of February 2017

“TEAMWORK divides the tasks and multiplies the success”

Working on project management issues is exciting, especially in EDEN55plusNW. In regular times, all project partners take their time to meet to clarify and adjust the project steps and evaluate the milestones. So we did on the 22nd of February 2017 in Maribor.
The agenda of the day was:
• WP 1: information about the submitted and approved interim technical progress report and information on expected parts of the final report
• WP 2: Guidelines for SMEs and information about the SME workshops in the regions
• WP 4: discussion and preparation of the videos and brochure and organisation of the final press conference on the 5th of July in Vulkanland
First, we discussed outstanding points in WP 1 project management. Our Lead Partner explained all necessary points to succeed in WP1. Saša Ceglar Vidmar as project coordinator presented a list of upcoming project deliverables until the end of the project. The project is in general well on track with achieving project deliverables. She also provided information on submitted interim Technical Progress Report at the end of November 2016.
To strengthen the ITA/TIC network we are going to organize a meeting with all members on the 4th of April 2017. The main goals are the get to know each other, to be informed about the EDEN regions and the tourist offers, the project results and to exchange their experiences. After that, the letter of intent will be signed.
Furthermore, we talked about the two pending pilot tours in April and May. There was the word about the usage of these programs after finishing the project. Each senior organization or guest/tourist can buy the package by the ITA or TIC, which is the participant in our network. This ITA/TIC contacts the national ITA/TIC, who is responsible for the organization.

Additionally we talked about the results of WP 4. To reach the target group we are planning to publish an image folder and four videos, which document the project steps and show the content and developed networks (two image videos).
After four hours, a productive meeting ends. Every partner went home with lots of homework but satisfied that the cooperation within the partnership was so productive.

Mag. Daniela Adler-Neubauer, MBA