letter of intent ITA/TIC

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On 4 April, tourist sales outlets from the Maribor partnerships with Agencija M met and discussed a common future approach. Thanks to Mrs. Spela Stuhec from the agency ProVital for the moderation and the prepared documents for a cooperation plan of the network. The interest in selling the cooperating regions with a joint offer is great. The spatial proximity is an advantage for this.
The purpose of establishing the network TIC / ITA of the project EDEN55plus NW is to organize a continuous collaboration between TIC and ITA in EDEN destinations. The goal is also to organize continuous cooperation between all other established networks (SME network and senior organization network). This will allow the planned tourist products to be continually developed, adapted and used with the changing target groups. The sensitization of the companies for the subject supports an authentic offer and guarantees with every conversation more quality in the sale.

letter of intent

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Wir organisieren für Familien, Kleinunternehmen und Gemeinden Tagesprogramme und begleiten Wandlungsprozesse. Wir unterstützen die Wertschätzung und Nutzung der eigenen Talente und Fähigkeiten.

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