3th workshop for local tourism providers from EDEN destinations: Idrija, Solčavsko and River Kolpa

In June 2017, Idrija Heritage Centre in cooperation with project partner ProVITAL d. o. o. organized the 3th workshop for local tourism providers from EDEN destinations: Idrija, Solčavsko and River Kolpa within the activities of the project EDEN55plusNW.

In January we have already carried out two workshops, which were aimed at establishing the connections between small and medium sized enterprises, which already build a tourism offer in participating EDEN destinations, at upgrading their offer for the target group and at creating international products (tourism packages for seniors) in all five participating EDEN destinations. In cooperation with providers, each EDEN destination, developed a model of integrated green economy, which will in the future serve as a guideline for the development of sustainable tourism in destination.

Last workshop for small and medium-sized enterprises was devoted to presentation of the results and the status of project activities related to the implementation of pilot testing, preparation of promotional materials and further cooperation between the four established networks (EDEN destinations, ITA / TIC, senior organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises).

Nina Erjavec, Idrija Heritage Centre



SME Network – Signing Letter of Intent

International SME Network – in five European regions, approximately 70 entrepreneurs agree to cooperate and offer quality services and products to the guests. The aim is to offer cross-border offers. With this form of (international) business cooperation, the companies support each other, create added value and use the contacts established in the project (network EDEN, network seniors, network travel agencies and incoming offices) for the marketing and distribution of their products. Information on the network, the companies and all other networks of the EDEN regions Tourism associations and senior citizen organizations at http://www.eden55plus-network.eu. All present entrepreneurs sign the Letter of Intent and express their support to the network. Operational measures for internal and external marketing were introduced and discussed by the companies.

Coordinating meetings of tourist companies
Measures for the mutual application of the enterprises
Mutual meetings with company visits on foot or by bicycle
Organization of joint press travel
Excursions to the participating EDEN regions for exchange
Financial annual timetable in the EDEN network and in the tourism association

Preparation of the results presentation for the international partners in Feldbach on 5th of July. The morning will be devoted to the professional result, an informal exchange with the project EDEN and Discover55 + is planned. The afternoon will devote itself to the exchange of tourism providers and the target group of the elderly.
Two more fixed dates for the tourist SME network are: July 27 and September 26, 2017.