OPG Anic

OPG Anic is a small family farm, which specializes for cattle breeding and production of cheese. Farm is outstanding because it produces cheese from its own raw materials. Milk, which obtained from cows that are grown on their own property, processed in cheese. They have registered a mini cheese-making Dairy. Dairy offers a special chese from Lika – škripavac (Soft cheese of feta type), hard cow cheese and curd. The cheeses are made from milk unpasteurized according to traditional recipes. With cheese on the farm you can buy vegetables, various natural syrups and jams, which are primarily working for their own use and the rest they sold to tourists and local people. On the farm they are processing about 20 ha of land on which is planted potatoes and grains, and the rest of the meadow, which is contrary to the stern of the goods. Cheese have exceptional quality because of the typical mountain cows nutrition which gives a special flavor and quality products.

offer: cheese | diary products | vegetables | jam |srup for soft drinks

Nikolina Anić

Anići 54,  53274 Krasno,  Croatia

GPS: 44.82145,  15.04628

email: anicnikolina11@gmail.com

phone: 0085 (0)53 851 002 | 384 (0)98 9238 665