A journey through the blossom sea of Vulkanland

A network of 32 gardens. A great goal of the life gardeners is: To make the value of the gardens visible and to create an awareness of gardens and landscapes! Gardens can mean a lot for people: reaping their own vegetables, letting the imagination run free, creating a resting pole, collecting collectors’ belongings, watching animals in the garden and enjoying the diversity of species. So different the reasons – as different as the people who work their gardens! Our hobby gardeners invite you to get to know the colourful typical flora of Vulkanland. That’s why we enjoy the garden – and not just our own! The gardeners invite you to your garden at least once a year. Many guests get knowledge on the guided tours, others enjoy the surroundings for relaxation and use it as a gas station for their soul. Guided tours by appointment!

cottage garden Sabine Kraus  0043 – 664 58 83 729

Gartengarnitur-cottage garden Sabine Kraus

hillside garden Susanne Pammer  0043 – 664 64 25 497

hill garden Susi

elder wonder world | fruitfarm Christandl  0043 – 676 65 00 891