About EDEN

The EDEN initiative

EDEN is an initiative promoting sustainable tourism development models across the EU. The initiative is based on national competitions that take place every other year and result in the selection of a tourist ‘destination of excellence’ for each participating country. Through the selection of destinations, EDEN effectively achieves the objective of drawing attention to the values, diversity and common features of European tourist destinations.
Further information: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/tools-databases/eden/

Five EDEN-Destinations have a common goal: “Increasing tourism flows in low/medium seasons for seniors target groups.”

Mining. Lace-making. Wild waters. Action-packed trails. Luxurious flavours. After exploring the world-renowned mine and its technical heritage allow your delicate side to take over — get to know the Idrija lace! After hiking outdoors pamper your tummy with the true “idrijski žlikrofi”, which will give you new strengths to experience the town, which might soon be on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Northern Velebit National Park
Warm, sultry seaside weather combined with mountains raising into the sky make the Northern Velebit Park a truly extraordinary region for Mother Nature. As an explorer’s paradise the park attracts visitors with its sinkholes, caves, hiking, cycling and cross country skiing trails through the mountain.

River Kolpa
The River Kolpa is a destination in the far south-eastern part of Slovenia. This green beauty is comprised of a 113km-long strip of land which borders the Republic of Croatia. The river is considered the longest Slovenian “coastline” and one of the warmest and intact rivers in Slovenia. The river is particularly popular in the summer months, as the water’s temperature rises up to 30°C. You can choose among a wide range of sports and recreational activities, such as boating, canoeing, kayaking or rafting.

Three valleys in harmony. The stunning Alpine peaks, the idyllic beauty of three glacial valleys, a nature park containing countless natural and cultural sights of interest, the hospitality of the people, the profusion of traditional crafts and dishes: these are just fragments of the big picture of the coexistence of unspoilt nature and human creativity. The Solčava District (Solčavsko) is three valleys in harmony and at the same time the unison of outstanding natural beauty and carefully considered tourism.

Steirisches Vulkanland
People are in close communion with nature at Styrian volcano land which is characterised by stunning volcanic formations, thermal water resources, architectural monuments, folk art and publicly accessible glass factories.