Study trip to Vulkanland / Styria – Day 1

As part of the project Eden55plusNW, a group of small and medium-sized enterprises from Slovenia and Croatia, as well as a representative of a senior citizens’ organization, visited the Austrian region “Vulkanland Styria” from 8th – 9th November. The goal of the study tour was, on the one hand, the learning of the tourist offer of the region around Feldbach, as well as the networking of SMEs from Slo / Cro / Aut among each other.


With a Slovenian bus company the entrepreneurs started in Maribor, accompanied by Agencija M from Maribor. From Straden Gabriele Grandl / agency Spirit of Regions supported the tour guide with stories about the Vulkanland Styria.


The Feldbacher Power breakfast at Cafe Jörg Wolf was a seasonal array of colour in the morning. Just a few steps away the guests were amazed at the rich collection in the Universalmuseum Tabor, originally built as a defense system in the Middle ages. Beatrice Strohmaier lightheartedly led the group. Scarcely sitting on the benches of the old school class, they attempted to write with ink and feather and decorated paper bags creatively. A souvenir of the region – a volcanic tuff stone – went into these bags.


The mayor of the town of Feldbach and chairman and initiator of the Vulkanland, Mr. Josef Ober, gave an stimulating speech on the development of the region over the past 20 years and and the goal envisaged.

At the luncheon in the Gasthof Hödl-Kaplan, with chestnut soup and Styrian fried chicken, there was enough time to discuss the impression of the mayor’s speech.


Snowfall created the perfect setting for the following visit, namely the Christmas exhibition in the Renaissance castle Kornberg. 150 craftsmen and food producers present their products in the vaults.
Food philosophy and his regional way of thinking were illustrated by Roman Schmidt from the advertising agency Conterfei, including organic beer by Lava Bräu.

At the Vulcano ham factory, the group learned all the facts about the raw ham production that pioneered the region. A film-based fairy tale about the dream come true, an emotionally medial portrayal of increasing maturity with landscapes of all four seasons, a pleasing flavour to the palate in the tasting – Vulcano is one of the best ham in the world.


The conclusion of the first intensive day was the visit to the Herrenhof Lamprecht. A dedicated organic wine-grower enlightened us his wine selection and opened the gate in the vaulted cellar to a Blues Concert.


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Studytour Vulkanland EDEN55plusNW

Working meeting in Maribor – Work package 4: Dissemination & Promotion

On Monday october 3rd, a working meeting of the relevant working group (Leader Vulkanland with the support of Spirit of regions, city of Feldbach, ProVital, Heart of Slovenia as project coordinators) and the film producers Kreacija  took place in Maribor . The aim of the meeting was to create a concept for 4 videos that are produced on the project. The various contents are:

1. Presentation of the development process with the involvement of local SMEs and the target group 55+. This video is intended to provide an overview of the project and is directed to SME’s and the destinations
2. Results and analysis of the target group “women 55+” and their wishes and expectations.
3. Results and analysis of the target group “55+ couple” and their wishes and expectations. The videos 2 + 3 are intended as training videos for SME’s wishing to adapt their establishments to the needs of the target group.
4. A promotional video of the developed end product. This video should be tailored to the needs of the target groups and animate to make a holiday in the EDEN destinations.
Philip of the video agency Kreacija showed us sample videos, as he has implemented similar tasks in a previous project.

Wider Project
Heart of Slovenia – Where ideas become reality

Especially important is the EDEN vision and to keep the thread of continuity to motto of the project “Slow down to feel the life in EDEN destinations”.

We shared our ideas and wishes and look forward to the concept of Philip.

2nd Steering Committee Meeting in Krasno, Croatia

After intensive project months (implementation of the questionnaires with SMEs, seniors and TIC/ITA, organization of the Tourism related Study Tour in Solcavsko, many internal project meetings etc) all partners met on the 12th and 13th September2016 at “Northern Velebit National Park” Public Institution Headquarters in Krasno, Croatia. Groupfoto in front of “Northern Velebit National Park” Public Institution Headquarters

Steering Committee Meetings are good places to talk and discuss activities done in the past and to look in the future how to manage further project steps to reach the milestones and deliverables. And of course, with cross-border meetings we foster transnational cooperation, exchange best practice experience and knowledge transfer among pilot EDEN destinations.
The focus on our work is to create new cross-border EDEN destination tourism products with in-depth experiences. So it was helpful to get to know Krasno and Northern Velebit National Park as a good example of practice as EDEN destination.Welcome screen at presentation morning

After whole-day presentations, program consisted of visiting good practices with degustation of traditional culinary: visit of Our Lady of Krasno Sanctuary – one of the best known Marian Sanctuaries in Croatia; visit of Forestry Museum – dedicated to the first Croatian Forest Office – Forestry Office Krasno – the cradle of sustainable forestry in Croatia and presentation of local products.

Tasting of local products in Krasno
A project partner summarized as follows: “I was interested in all topics that were presented today – we received a lot of useful information about further project activities and their implementation”.
Big Thank you to everyone, especially to NVNP who organized the 2 days!

Steering Committee

Tourguide report Solcavsko

According to the project EDEN55plusNW Agencija M was responsible for preparing tourism related SME’s study tour in Solčavsko on 5th and 6th of September 2016.
We were responsible for accommodation, meals, entrance fees for the museums and events and guiding on the spot. In our organization was also bus transport and escort guiding on the tour.
We chose the bus and tourist company Pohorje tours from Slovenska Bistrica for the transport and tour escort guiding for the services in Solčavsko. The tour was guided in three languages (Slovene, Croatian and German).
In our opinion Solčava program was very well prepared, perhaps a little bit too stuffed. But this is understandable, because our hosts want to present themselves with everything they have to offer.
Suitability of the program:
Solčavsko – Harmony of three valleys: short film and permanent exhibition “Solčavsko – a walk into the lap of Alps” was very appropriate, short enough and educational.
Experience guided walk through the Landscape park Logarska dolina – for 55+ and 55+ couples we have to consider the difficulty of the walking tour.
Solčava Panoramic Road – organized bus access to the road is great, because it allows older people to enjoy beautiful views, which they could not experience by themselves.
Felt making– workshop with wool of local Jezersko- Solčava sheep breed and culinary worshop for making local specialities – very interesting and appropriate for women 55+. For couples we should consider another workshop, more appropriate for men.
Storytelling guided walk, ethno animation and ethno dinner interactive performance were the best choice for our goal groups. Although people don’t understand the language, they can understand the meaning of the show. To make easier the understanding, we suggest to prepare brochure with written summary of the happening.
Culinary was excellent, but we should consider smaller portions with optional supplement.

Agencija M, Maribor 8.9.2016





People who love their home form their habitat with joy and take their lives with confidence in their own hands. These people and their products, cultural heritage and natural beauty are in the focus of our project.


view over the solcavsko valley
With the meaning of „Slow down and feel the life of EDEN“ we  plan and test vacation packages in EDEN regions without artificial animation, attractions and actions. Rather offers from and with people who tell stories, produce itself courageously, offer and market cooperative vacation packages and sell them with confidence and pride. One thing makes the products sooooo valuable: they are filled with producers’heart and producers‘ soul.

The EDEN network is filled with cooperation which will be created different distinctive offers. These offers are for guests who are looking for the authentic and genuine holiday. With EDEN we have the opportunity to bring together those people, to strengthen and promote them in their actions.

culinary workshop
We take this passion and positive atmosphere from Solcavsko back home and look forward visiting the Styrian vulcano land.

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Cooperating with local SMEs and Senior Organisation in Idrija

One of the main purpose of the EDEN55plusNW project is to establish links and prepare joint tourism products (tourism packages for seniors) in all five participating EDEN destinations, particularly through the integration of small and medium-sized enterprises, which already complement the tourist offer in the participating tourist destinations.
At the beginning of the project activities Idrija Heritage Center (IHC), project partner, invited to participate several local SMEs, lTA and Association of Idrija Seniors. We have received many positive responses from local service and product providers (accommodation, catering, food products, idrija lace products, tourist activities …) and also big support from local senior organization. Furthermore, IHC presented the project activities to other tourist service providers in Idrija (Idrija Lace School, Tourist mine – Anthony`s shaft, Municipal Museum Idrija …) and they will also participate in project activities as external observers.
In June 2016 IHC, with support of tourist agency, organized individual meetings with seniors and SMEs. Where we presented them the project activities and assisted them in filling out the pre-prepared questionnaires and identification cards. Mostly the participants did not have problems with filling the questionnaires, so the survey conducted smoothly. We received over 30 questionnaires filled by seniors and more than 10 by local SMES.

Nina Erjavec
Projektni svetovalec/Project assistant

ProVital – between the questionnaires

It is my first time participating in such a huge international project. My experience is with smaller, local projects; therefore, this was quite a challenge for me. As a very organized and precise person, I feel that most of my work must be done before the deadline and has to precisely follow instructions given. My responsibility in the project we are currently working on is to design the questionnaires for the survey and subsequently analyze the answers.

This particular task requires a lot of communication with partners involved in the project. They first need to understand the questionnaires and their purpose to be able to explain it further to the respondents. All questionnaires and other documentation then need to be returned to me until a certain deadline. As it is currently summer time, the majority of partners seem to miss given deadlines, which means a delay in my part of the work. This is why it is essential for me to constantly send reminders for them to return the documents and data required. It is understandable that during said time of the year most people are on holiday, but what must be done, must be done nevertheless.

This situation tends to make me rather nervous at times, but I am sure that in the end everything will be done to our final deadline in October and all parties will be contented with the result.