Lava Bräu | organic beer factory

More than just beer – Highest brewing culture. LAVA Bräu is prepared by hand in small exclusive quantities organic. Raw materials, innovation and inspiration – the special is all too rare! The secret of the LAVA manufactory lies hidden in technology and in the production process. A dynamic team of ideas sets the standards of the accomplished Bräugenusses. In a brewing process approximately 500 liters of noble spice are fermented to LAVA Bräu. LAVA removes the spice from the valuable malt, is cooked with selected spices and full-bodied. LAVA is neither filtered nor sterilized. This preserves all the essential flavors for a round, harmonious brew. LAVA is alive and lively. LAVA packs the lively fire of the region into the cooled Bräu. It wants to be spoiled and spoiles!

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Groups are possible everytime, only make a reservation before!
mo – fr 9:00 – 17:00

Lava Braeu, contact name: Roman Schmidt

Auersbach 130, 8330 Feldbach, Austria

GPS: 47.000624, 15.865298


web: Lava Braeu beer factory

phone: 0043 – 3152 – 8575201