Obsthof Stangl | fruit farm

The farm is engaged in the processing of fruit and field crops. Michaela Stangl gives a glimpse into the art of schnapps burning. Visitors get an insight into the work at the farm and taste exquisite brandys from the fruits. Only handpicked, sun-ripened apples, nuts,  peach, cherry, plums, elderberry, all fruits are sorted processed. Taste the fruity spirit.
A styrian treasure is the production of styrian pumpkin seed oil. Styrian pumpkins are easily stored, this means that fresh styrian pumpkins oil is produced all year long. At the oil mills, the seeds are first ground, are the mixed with salt and water, and finally, the mixture is gently heated. To produce One litre of genuine Styrian pumpkin-seed oil PGI (protected geographical indication) they need 2.5kg of dried pumpkins seeds, which is about 30 pumpkins.

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Fruitfarm Stangl, contact: Michaela Stangl

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