OPG Brkić

OPG Brkic, in the village Krasno, prepares a various domestic products. On the meadows of the family farm in the mountain, family produce natural honey that has a special flavor of Velebit. OPG Brkić produces a special type of honey, too, it is forest honey or Honeydew. It is special becouse it is obtained from the honeydew produced by aphids in certain weather conditions. It is a strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent becouse it is full of minerals, especially iron. Besides that they produce the jam of wild and domestic fruits. Jam are from the original wild fruit Cornelian cherry, pomegranate, blackberry, raspberry and elderberry. From this natural wild fruit they produce and syrups for soft drinks. All products are completely natural, made according to traditional recipes of the region, without preservatives. From herbs like St. John’s wort, calendula or black comfrey, which grows on the farm, family produce various natural healing preparations. Of young pine needles they produce medicinal syrup with a wide use. Within the property there is a traditional ethnological collection where you also have the opportunity to see the old usable objects characteristic of Velebit and where you can buy all of these natural products.

offer: honey | jam |  teas from medicinal herbs  | syrups for soft drinks

Sanja Brkić

Krasno 97a,  53274 Krasno,  Croatia

GPS: 44.81721,  15.05975

email: sbsanjabrkic463@gmail.com

web: https://www.facebook.com/OPG-Brki%C4%87-255403764880112/?fref=ts

phone: 00385 (0)53 851 054 | 00385 (0)99 8467 656