OPG Dragica Anić

OPG Dragica Anic is small family farm in Krasno. Farm produce local jams and syrups from wild plants which the whole extended family gathering at the original Velebit meadows and forest glades. This is why products have special aroma and unique taste. Consumers have recognized this and rewarded farm for their product quality, with gold medal for jam of rosehip and silver for jam from blue plums. Farm offers jam of buckthorn, elder berries and wild fruit. They produce syrups for juice of buckthorn, elder flowers and berries, nettle, sage, raspberry and blackberry. All products are made according to traditional recipes of this region which are passing down from generation to generation, with no preservatives or additives. Besides they use vegetables that are not treated with any pesticides and from this they doing winter salad (sour beetroot and sour pickles). Products you can buy on the doorstep and at fairs in the vicinity.

offer: jam | syrups for soft drinks | winter stores | vegetables

Đurđa Jugović,  Anja Jugović

Krasno 124,  53274 Krasno,  Croatia

GPS: 44.82147, 15.04844

email: jugovic.djurdja@gmail.com

web: https://www.facebook.com/OPG-Dragica-Ani%C4%87-318556055210735/

phone: 00385 (0)53 851 050 | 00385 (0)98 9323 636