OPG Samaržija

Family Samaržija is in the farming business for third generation. In 2002 they decided to register their activities to the OPG. On their farm in area of 2ha, where are ideal conditions for organic production, they produce ecological vegetables. They started with large cultivation of garlic. Because of large demands and top quality the number of products are increased to 40 kinds of vegetables and 5 types of fruit. OPG used compost from their own farm where they breed sheep by ecological standards. Much of the planting material are their own for many years, only a small part they buy from certificated organic producers. The entire production process, from preparing the land, planting, cultivating to the harvesting are done by all members of the family. Planting is carried out by biodynamic rules. During the spring sowing they care about crop rotation, in order to prevent pests and parasites. Because of the specific climate on the Velebit and long winter period some parts of production is done in greenhouse. These organic products you can find in Krasno as well as lambs. Also, products can be bought at Rijeka and Pula set market (joint and several environmental market).

offer: eco vegetables | eco fruits | sheep breeding

Josipa Samaržija

Krasno 90,  53274 Krasno, Croatia

GPS: 44.81118, 15.08392

email: joja.samarzija@gmail.com

web: https://web.facebook.com/EKO-Samar%C5%BEija-411321162408185/

phone: 00385 (0)98 9461 678