Steirisches Vulkanland Austria


The Styrian Volcano land is a Leader association of 33 communities in the south-east of Styria/Austria. It is a mostly agricultural area with around 100.000 inhabitants. Feldbach ist the disdrict city. Typical in this part of Austria is the gentle, hilly volcanic landscape, the small structured agriculture, a high craftsmen density, the beauty of the nature and the variety of regional products. In the language of geomantie we speak from a female landscape. The ecstatic devotion to the compressed variety, even pleasurable perception of the region.

Vulcano ham factory

Schinkenhimmel bei Vulcano ham manufactory

Raabauer Eisvogel | organic farm with roses and aronia


Tabor Museum Feldbach more than 40 little rooms nearby the church

Tabor Museum Feldbach

fruits farm – Obsthof Stangl | brandys from regional fruits and pumpkins oil

Sortiment Schnaps Stangl

Sissis WINE BAR in Feldbach

Weinbar Sissi Kroneder Feldbach 1000x667

Bauernstadl Feldbach | regional super market in Feldbach


Hotel / Restaurant Pfeilers Feldbach

Pfeiler hotel restaurant Feldbach

Lava Bräu | organic beer factory

spirit of region Roman Schmidt Fuehrung 1000x667

Sonnenhaus Grandl | agro tourism with regional breakfast in Feldbach


Pension Raabtal | bed & breakfast in Feldbach


Schloss Kornberg | restaurant exhibitions guided tours




SPIRIT OF REGIONS | tourist agency and guided tours in Vulkanland, Styria



natur|wein|gut Hutter    wine-shop, wine-tastings


Obsthof Kaufmann


Kulmberghof Restaurant and Pension

pension restaurant kulmberghof

Zweirad-Matzer rent a bike, bike-shop,


Vulkanbiketours Josef Hödl guided bike-tours

guided tours bike vulkanland.jpeg


gardeners …holunder, bonsai, hill, herbs, willows

cottage garden impressions.jpg