Schloss Kornberg and the castle route

Thermenland Styria is one of the richest in fortressed castles in Europe. For centuries Styria played a role as a bastion against invading people. The area is the meeting point of three cultures – Germanic, Latin and Slavic and as such was often attacked and had to be defended. Imposing edifices on the Castle Route are open to visitors and invite them to be witnesses of the past. Fascination and romance in the strongholds of the knights. The Styrian Castle Route is lined with countless imposing edifices. Many of these architectural masterpieces are open to the public, though some still serve as private residences. However, all the castles are worth a visit, as the façades and gardens too are a feast for the eyes. The Renaissance Castle Kornberg is known for its great Christmas exhibition. In advance of the registration, the owners of the palace will be guided by the private spaces of the Bardeau family.

offer: guided tour | exhibition | restaurant

Groups are possible everytime, only make a reservation before!

Castle of kornberg, contact name: Mag. Andreas Bardeau

Dörfl 2, 8330 Feldbach, Austria

GPS: 46.980886,15.87725


web: castle of kornberg

phone: 0043 – 664 – 43 21 367