Sirana Runolist

Tomaić Commerce Ltd. is the family company with several-years experience in cheese production. Its main activity is milk buyoff, milk processing, production of cheese and other dairy products. Besides the main activity, the company performs retail and wholesale trade in cheese and dairy products though its own retail sale network, as also through various trade chains throughout the Republic of Croatia. Their advantage is that they respect the tradition of cheese production, use only the best quality home-made milk from cows and sheep grazing on ecologically clean pasture lands, and apply only traditional recipes, all of which complying with the highest standards of hygienic quality and health safety of food products. Such approach to work resulted in establishment of our own trade mark Sirana “Runolist” which we are rightly proud of.

Offer: Cheese | dairy products | rooms

Vladimir Tomaić

Špilnički odvojak 5, 53220 Otočac, Croatia

GpS: 44.82035,15.05939

phone: 00385 (0)53 771 177 | 00385 (0)53 851 210

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