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“Slow down to feel the life in EDEN destinations”

“Developing the network of tourism products for seniors – building a cooperation along the tourism value chain for EDEN destinations in partner countries for more competitive and sustainable growth”

EDEN developement 1
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This project connects four neighboring countries and five pilot EDEN destinations in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and targets seniors 55+ from Italy.
The overall goal is on the one hand to enhance a sustainable tourism development and tourism flows and on the other hand to strengthen the whole EDEN network and transnational cooperation. The main focus is to design suitable cross-border tourism products in pilot EDEN destinations for seniors 55+ (women and couples) to increase tourism flows in low/medium seasons in these EDEN areas.
Furthermore the focus is also on facilitating the internationalization of tourism businesses – mainly SMEs -, senior organizations and their introduction into the senior tourism market. The thematic focus concentrates on the natural and cultural and intangible heritage and increase the awareness about it in each EDEN destination.

EDEN results
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EDEN experience
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EDEN Story
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