Vulcano ham manufactory

Vulcano Ursprung will take you to the origin of taste and show you the world of smoked ham as a sensory realm – with information and experiences embedded within a unique ambience filled with enjoyment. On three stories and across 1.000m², visitors to the world of the finest smoked hams will be captivated as they learn everything there is to know about the secrets behind these nobel delicacies, secrets they can learn first-hand on tours through discrete areas of production, processing, and maturing techniques.

offer: guided tours | tastings | eat&drink

Schinkenmanufaktur Vulcano, contact name: Bettina Habel

Eggreith 26, 8330 Feldbach, Austria

GPS: 47.014624, 15.854180


web: Schinkenmanufaktur Vulcano

phone: 0043 – 3114 – 2151